9:00 a.M. - bible classes

Central offers age appropriate opportunities for children aged 2 through 6th Grade to learn about God through a variety of interactive lessons, singing, crafts and other activities.

Teens are encouraged to attend Bible studies with their parents since moms and dads are called by God to be the primary disciplers in the home.

Because moms usually don't like to be separated from their babies for hours at a time, young ones under the age of two are welcome in adult classes.

10:15 a.m. Worship Service

We offer loving nursery care for little ones through three years old during our worship services so that parents can participate unencumbered. Of course, younger children are always welcome in our services provided they do not become a distraction for the other worshipers.

After the worship in song portion of our service, children ages 4 through 8 have the option of being dismissed to Children's Church prior to Pastor's message. Children's Church always features a Bible lesson and may also include Scripture memorization, songs, games or craft projects.